Our Community

CEDAR Community

For many years, Cedar has created opportunities for Indigenous students to spend time at the UBC Campus and experience scientific learning. Furthermore, campers are exposed to the many other opportunities that exist for Indigenous students on campus that extends beyond the sciences.

CEDAR could not happen without our community. This includes the students who have volunteered in CEDAR programming and have through their efforts on campus served as role models for Indigenous youth, our partner organizations on and off campus who have helped arranged our educational programming, and our donors whose generous support allows us to continue to offer our programming.

Indigenous STEM Profiles

There are many amazing success stories of Indigenous students in STEM degrees at UBC. Various current students, staff, and alumni are featured here to tell share some of their journey to studying and eventually becoming STEM professionals.

CEDAR is possible through the collaboration of various partners organizations. These partners include our donors, educational partners, and other on campus units who help deliver educational curriculum. Join our growing community!