Cedar Camp Testimonials


Camper Testimonials

“CEDAR camp is the best camp I have been to and I have been to a lot of camps. All the other camps were fun, but I think CEDAR was 10/10.”

“I would like to come back to CEDAR camp because of the fun and different things we explore and the fun and nice people I met. The number one thing I enjoyed was exploring our home and nature.”

“I really liked the program. I enjoyed learning more about my culture as well!”

“I liked CEDAR summer camp because I like to learn about my First Nations culture. I like Science, especially about fish. And I like swimming.”

“CEDAR is a great experience because you learn fun and cool things. One of the things you learn is Science, like germs and weather. You also learn Math, like solving problems.”

“I would like to come back to camp CEDAR because it is fun and I made friends.”

“CEDAR camp was really fun. I liked going on field trip type of things like swimming and the Museum of Anthropology. And I liked all the lunches. I thought all of the volunteers were nice.”