Danilo Caron

Danilo Caron


Current Studies Post Undergraduate
Degree Master of Applied Science, Civil Engineering
Hometown Kamloops, BC

Danilo is passionate about STEM having a strong background in masonry, trades, and completed a degree in physics. He is currently working on his MASc in civil engineering at the faculty of applied sciences at UBC.

What advice would you give to a high school student considering your program/faculty/UBC?

The engineering programs at UBC are very demanding, but students quickly learn to cope with high workloads through collaboration with fellow students. I recommend prospective students come prepared to apply themselves and ready to work within teams to solve design problems. Team collaboration and the community within engineering is a major highlight of the programs.

How did you become interested in engineering?

I am a builder. Before attending UBC as a mature student I was a trades person and masonry contractor. After high school I completed a degree in physics and always approached my construction projects with a scientific mindset. My curiosity of the engineering design behind many of the jobs I completed slowly grew and I eventually decided to return to school to complete a degree in engineering.

What resources, even, support service, or website has helped you during your time at UBC?

An important source of community for me has been the UBC chapter of the Canadian Indigenous Science and Engineering Society. Belonging to a supportive community of STEM students passionate about their studies and encouraging youth to pursue educations and careers in STEM has been a source of motivation and joy for me.