Camper FAQ

1) Should I send my child to CEDAR camp?
The CEDAR Summer Camp is a great opportunity for Aboriginal youth to connect with one another in a positive learning environment. CEDAR gives campers the opportunity to explore a variety of exciting programs found on and around the university campus. The camp also exposes the campers to the numerous opportunities available through education.

2) What are the benefits of CEDAR camp?
CEDAR allows youth to enjoy new experiences and meet new people in a fun learning environment. The campers take part in experiments, workshops, recreational activities and crafting activities. CEDAR promotes an interest in education and growth in self-esteem, leadership, and social skills.

3) Who pays for CEDAR camp?
There is no cost to the camper’s parents and guardians. This is possible thanks to the generous support of UBC Faculty of Science, Faculty of Land and Food Systems, and the First Nations House of Learning.

4) How can I feel assured that CEDAR camp is safe?
CEDAR is organized and run by staff and students of UBC. The camp coordinators and volunteers have up to date criminal record checks and will have First Aid certification.

5) What if my child has dietary restrictions or allergies?
CEDAR is a nut aware camp, but we are not peanut or nut free. Leaders will be made aware of the food allergies of children in their group and will take any precautions necessary to ensure that contact with this food is avoided. However, if your child has severe dietary restrictions or allergies we ask that you send your child with their own food.

6) How many children are there in each group? What is the staff to camper ratio?
What makes CEDAR Summer Camp exceptional is the high instructor to camper ratio, which is maintained at 1:3 at all times, including lunchtime. During activities and presentations, campers are often divided into two groups of approximately 22 children, according to their age. However, within these larger groups, they will share one go-to leader with two other children.

7) What time is drop-off/pick-up?
Campers being dropped off and picked up at Britannia Community Centre can be dropped off between 8:00-8:30am and picked up between 4:00 and 4:30pm. Campers being dropped off at the First Nations House of Learning at UBC can be dropped off between 9:00-9:30am and picked up between 3:30 and 4:00pm.

8 ) What will my child be doing at CEDAR Summer Camp?  What is the structure of a typical camp day?
Camp activities vary from one day to the next, but each day begins with the option of arts and crafts, reading, or recreational activities at the Longhouse. A light breakfast of milk and cereal will be available for campers who did not get a chance to eat before arriving.  Afterwards, campers learn about research being done by faculty and students through fun and interactive presentations. Past activities have included making monster masks with functional flashing lights with the help of Engineering and Arts students and learning about the special flying abilities of Bar-headed geese from a campus biologist. After lunch, campers will participate in one more session, which could include a visit to the Beaty Biodiversity Museum, or a visit to the vegetable gardens on campus. The day ends with a journal writing session where campers have the opportunity to reflect on their thoughts and experiences from over the course of the day.

9) What should my child bring to camp?
Campers should bring comfortable shoes and a swimsuit and towel on the one day per week when we go to the swimming pool. CEDAR will provide campers with water bottles, snacks, as well as breakfast and lunch. We ask that campers leave all valuables, including money, iPods, and cameras at home.  Cell phones are permitted for emergency contact with parents but campers are asked to keep these tucked away during camp time.

10) My child can only attend one some of the camp. Can I still register him/her?
The Faculty of Science, School of Land and Food Systems, and First Nations House of Learning generously donate $700 per week per child to permit their participation in CEDAR Summer Camp. For this reason, campers that cannot commit will be wait-listed and will be accepted into the camp only if the camper spots cannot be filled by those making a commitment to the full camp.

11) How can I register my child for CEDAR Summer Camp?
To register a camper for CEDAR, please fill out the application form, available HERE. We will contact you within two weeks of receiving your application to confirm your child’s acceptance into the camp.

12) Someone other than my child’s legal guardian needs to drop off or pick up my child. Do I need to notify the camp coordinators?
CEDAR has strict policies regarding camper security at drop-off and pick-up hours. For this reason, we ask that you submit the names of any trusted adult who may be dropping off or picking up your child on the camp application form. Only adults who have been designated by the child’s primary guardian on this form will be permitted to sign the child out at the end of the day.