Volunteer Testimonials

Over the years, CEDAR has had the support of many very talented and amazing volunteers. Here’s what some of them had to say about their experience with the program:

Amrita Kang,
4th year Biology at UBC

I have been a volunteer with CEDAR for two consecutive summers. What I like about the camp is feeling like I get to be a kid again. As a camp leader, you think in a different way. I first started volunteering with CEDAR because I thought it would be good experience—in any profession you are dealing with the public, and in my view, if you know how to work with kids you will know how to work with adults as well. It teaches leadership and it gives you confidence being around young kids that you are trying to be a leader and role model for.

Sean Lambert
UBC Alumnus (2005), B.A. in History and Classical studies

I decided to volunteer with CEDAR because I wanted an opportunity to work with Aboriginal youth, whose lives are just beginning and who have a lot of positive things to contribute to society. While volunteering for CEDAR, I woke up every day, thinking about how great it is to have had the opportunity to be involved in the camp and looking forward to the exciting things that we were going to do that day. To be honest, I was actually pleasantly surprised by how much fun even the educational programming was! One of the most memorable experiences of CEDAR was when we had a pow wow and the boys in my group did not want to dance—I told one of them that this is an opportunity to share and be a part of Aboriginal culture and it represented a special opportunity that would not necessarily be available at other camps. After thinking about it, he did decide to give it a try! CEDAR has been a really positive experience for me and I would definitely do it again! I would encourage any student that has the free time to get involved!

Veronica Fuller-Evans,
Grade 10 student, aspiring physiotherapist, and CEDAR Alumnus

I have been attending CEDAR for four years, as a camper for two years and then, for the past two years, as a volunteer. For me, it’s a good opportunity to visit Vancouver, get some work experience and work with some really great people! It’s also been a really great way for me to learn about First Nations culture and practices like pow wows!