Volunteer Info & FAQ

Great with kids? Excited about learning? Looking for some great volunteer experience? Come be a part of the CEDAR Summer Camp team!

The CEDAR Program is is always in need of dedicated volunteers who can work with students, develop positive relationships with children and families, and assist with the development and execution of CEDAR programs.

No matter what your area of study, the CEDAR program will provide you with an opportunity to use and share your skills with the campers and your fellow leaders. We seek to expose youth to members of the university community who are passionate about their work and studies, and the more diversity we have, the more potential we have to inspire students.

In addition to being a fun and dynamic way to spend your time, volunteering with CEDAR will provide you with:

  • Unparalleled mentorship experience with a diverse group of youth
  • A better understanding of Aboriginal culture, history, and the present day challenges faced by urban Aboriginals
  • An introduction to community development opportunities at UBC
  • Opportunities for advanced training through First Aid certification
  • An opportunity to effect change in the lives of urban Aboriginal students


If you are interested in volunteering with the CEDAR program, please fill out an online volunteer application form. Once your application has been reviewed, you will be contacted by one of the CEDAR coordinators to arrange for an interview. Still have questions? Check out the volunteer FAQ below:

1) How do I become a volunteer with CEDAR Summer Camp?
In order to become a volunteer with CEDAR Summer Camp, you will need to fill out an online volunteer application form. We will contact you shortly thereafter to arrange for an interview time.

2) Am I eligible to become a CEDAR volunteer?
We welcome volunteer applications from individuals with a range of experience levels. Preference is given to CEDAR alumni and UBC staff and students. CEDAR alumni are typically between the ages of 13-17 and have attended the camp in previous years. CEDAR will offer mentorship for these youth to assist them in getting the most out of this experience. It is expected that UBC student volunteers are enthusiastic and self-directed in their role as leaders. All volunteers will have the support and guidance of two camp coordinators who are responsible for camp programming and accompany the groups in all activities.

3) What will I get in return for volunteering with CEDAR Summer Camp?
Volunteers will have the opportunity to develop their skill set through formal certification such as First Aid training, as well as through on-the-ground learning about child and youth mentorship, behaviour management and conflict resolution. We will provide references for those volunteers who demonstrate exceptional initiative and strong leadership skills.

4) Do I need to be First Aid certified to become a CEDAR volunteer?
Yes, we do require that volunteers have valid First Aid certification. However, if you do not have this certification, or if you would simply like to refresh your knowledge, CEDAR provides an opportunity for every volunteer to receive their First Aid certification through a pre-arranged certification course that is typically held at UBC campus. All costs associated with this training are covered by CEDAR.

5) Do I need to have a criminal record check to become a CEDAR volunteer?
Yes. We require that all volunteers have up to date criminal record checks completed and submitted to the camp coordinators before the camp begins in July, which will require you to visit your local police office. If you are a UBC student living on campus, you can have a criminal record check done at the RCMP office, located at 2990 Wesbrook Mall. CEDAR will reimburse you for the value of the criminal record check if you supply the camp coordinators with your receipt.

6) Do I need to include references in my application? What kinds of references do you accept?
We require that applicants provide two references. If you do not have prior work experience, we will accept personal references or references from previous volunteer work.

7) Will I have an opportunity to make use of my particular skills and experiences as a CEDAR camp volunteer?
Yes! We welcome any suggestions for programming that volunteers can offer which draw on their diversity of skills and experiences. Have a passion for yoga? You could lead a group in morning yoga exercises. Have a pet bug collection? Bring it in and share your knowledge with interested campers.

8 ) How much time do I need to commit to volunteering?
The camp runs for two weeks in July, from Monday to Friday. The camp runs out of the longhouse, located at 1985 West Mall, beginning at 8:45, and ending at 3:45. We ask that every volunteer commits to a minimum of five days to the camp over the course of these two weeks in order to ensure some constancy to the camp and to allow campers to develop a stronger relationship with volunteer leaders. Note that these five days do not have to be consecutive.

9) How many children will I be responsible for as a leader?
CEDAR is exceptional in the high leader to camper ratio. You will work with children in small groups, typically no larger than three campers to one leader. You will also have assistance from the Camp Coordinators, who accompany the group to all activities and presentations on and off campus.

10) Will meals be provided?
Yes, CEDAR supplies all volunteers with breakfast, lunch and snacks. We provide vegetarian options with every meal, but if you have any food allergies or additional dietary restrictions, we ask that you bring your own food.

11) What other opportunities exist for volunteers that prefer to work behind the scenes instead of leading groups of children directly?
If you are less comfortable working with youth but would still like to contribute in some way to CEDAR summer camp, we can discuss your particular skills and determine where the best fit would be. In the past, volunteers have taken on the role of kitchen helper, front desk clerk, and have even helped us with graphic design jobs. We aim to provide valuable learning and work experience for volunteers, so we are happy to accommodate any specific skills and interests you may have.

12) Will I need to attend a volunteer training session?
Yes, we ask that all volunteers attend an orientation session that is typically 3-4 hours in length and held on evenings or weekends. Camp coordinators will do their best to accommodate the schedules of volunteers. We will be in touch with you regarding the particular timing following your interview.